13 December 2011

Webmail and Other Policies in Fasilkom ui

As part of Computer Science Faculty in Universitas Indonesia, many of our activities are supported by the presence of computer and communication facilities provided by Universitas Indonesia. Therefore, there are some guidelines that we should obey in their usage in order to maintain their functionalities and security. One of challenges is many users are unaware of existence of those guidelines, so that many facilities are used inappropriately and become damaged. Here, our aim is to acknowledge readers with information about some of the existing guidelines to promote awareness of the existence and description about those guidelines.


Webmail is an e-mail address provided by the university to ease staffs and students to communicate academic matters in a fast and reliable way. The webmail can be accessed ubiquitously via https://webmail.ui.ac.id. As part of the facilities, university has the right to control, record log, and monitor webmail usage activities by all users.
First, as main function of webmail is to facilitate

communication of academic matters, so it shouldn’t be used for other personal interests. Those personal interests include signing up to social media, posting comments that require user to provide e-mail address, or anything that isn’t related to academic matters. If users keep doing that, the e-mail address is exposed to anyone with bad intensions like hackers who might misuse or send malware to our e-mail address. The e-mail address can be misused to send fake or spam mails and a more advanced hackers might also steal the password to gain access to access other Universitas Indonesia’s portal such as SIAK-NG or SCeLE and therefore user’s personal information can be unfolded and misused. Those malware sent to our webmail account could be spread via Universitas Indonesia’s network and infect other webmail accounts, especially those recorded in “Addresses” (contacts) list,  as well.
Second, the users themselves are disallowed to send fake or spam mails by using webmail. Users are also disallowed to send e-mails with inappropriate contents which include anything related to ethnic group, religion, or race. In addition, users are prohibited of using webmail to
swindle others. All of those actions might cause diminution of Universitas Indonesia’s credibility. Consequently, other institutions possibly will not trust Universitas Indonesia as much as before and it will pester the university to obtain access to educational materials like journals, papers, or other educational material sources.


Some IT policies are already written in Keputusan Rektor and some others are visible in computer laboratories specifically in Faculty of Computer Science. Policies written in Keputusan Rektor Universitas Indonesia (Number 585 BSK/R/UI/2006 about Information Technology Policies in Universitas Indonesia) including those that regulate usage of Wi-Fi (Article 19) and usage of computer and other communication facilities by users (Article 20) in general terms.
Next are described about other policies categorized by type of IT objects.

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