14 October 2010

Situ Gede : Nature Tourism of Tasikmalaya City

       Tasikmalaya deserved to be called as a second big city in West Java, Why not? as a region which recently developed after separated from Tasikmalaya District, Tasikmalaya City has depeloved very fast in infrastucure, economic etc. Compared with municipalities that have aged more than 50 years in West   Java such as Bogor and Cirebon, progress of Tasikmalaya city development almost equivalent to progress of both city development (Bogor and Cirebon). Waw amazing...Victory to Glory Tasikmalaya City!!!
      If you come to Tasikmalaya City 5 year ago, you will be suprised now. Many new building which is built in Tasikmalya such as shopping Center, Amazing Governemnt Building, University, waterboom and many other facilities which will soon resemble Bandung City in Development( I wish as soon as posible). But, There is only one nature tourism in Tasikmalaya city namely Situ Gede (situ mean a lake), unlike Tasikmalaya District which have more nature tourism
       Although just one nature tourism in Tasikmalaya City, now Situ Gede has been developed by the government to become the attractive tourism in Tasikmalaya such as build a facilities that support the tourism in Situ Gede. How is the result? well, actually Situ Gede become an alternatif tourism and famous in Tasikmalaya and many visitor come to the place either Tasikmalaya people or people around Tasikmalaya City such as Ciamis, Garut,  Tasikmalaya District, Banjar, Bandung even from Jakarta. Ya that because the place of situ gede is not far from highway of Tasikmalaya and offer beautifull view with a very cheap ticket. You can get on the raft, fishing, enjoying the nature of situ gede etc. There is many activities whom you can do in Situ Gede. Are you interested? Come to Tasikmalaya, after you shopping in many mall in Tasikmalaya you can visit Situ Gede to refresh your mind.
       Would you like to watch more picture from Situ Gede?, here it is. Have enjoy it, i hope you will come to Situ Gede to enjoy the nature and the facilities which is offered by Tasikmalaya City Government.

Tasikmalaya City
Victory to Glory

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