12 September 2012

Indonesia's Cultural Heritage

Halo guys today I'll tell you about Indonesia's cultural heritage, it kind of ancient relics. Hence, let's continue to describe all of them guys. I take the description from the book guide of Museum National when I joined in Goodwill International in Mizuo Hara Orientation days. Well actually there are a lot of things that I didnt know before about how many heritage that Indonesia has. Well let's start to know about our heritage from the west of Indonesia that is Sumatra

1. Sesako 

Detail: 16th-17th c.
Origin: Lampung, South Sumatra
Material : Wood
Size: h. 169cm: w. 193 cm
Museum Ref: 610/century of aisle
Description about it:
This beautifully carved panel is decorated with a face motif to symbolise authority and to act as an amulet against misdeeds. The dragons on the left and right hand sides symbolise power, the long-tailed bird represent wealth and the fish is a sign of fertility. This exhibit was used as a throne-back during ceremonies to appoint a new ruler. The motifs also represent the life of the ruler.

2. Sertali
Detail: Acquired in 1950
Origin: Batak Karo, North Sumatra
Material: glided silver; cotton
Size: 1.85 cm: w 15 cm
Museum Ref: 26677 c
Display Case: XX
The Karo Batak people are unique among the Batak tribes in that they still use traditional forms of jewerlly. Sertail is a headdress ornament, worn by aristocratic Karo Batak brides. The sertali is made up of pieces shaped like buffalo horns and motifs from Karo Traditional houses. It is then mounted on plaited red cord and worn on the head on top of textiles, edged with metallic spangles. These are called pilo pilo and represent hospotality. In the past, sertali were sometimes used by the Karo shamen in healing rituals.

----- to be continued ya guy------

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