30 June 2012

INDONESIA 2012: World Stamp Championship

Yokatta ne ..... World Stamp Championship held on June 18th - 24th in Jakarta Convention Center finally finished. A lot of experiences, friends (and a lot of money actually hehe) I got. Meeting many people around the world ..... and it amaze me :D.

Why did I get involved in this International event? My friend, Ady, told me about this event and asked me to apply to become a liasion officer. Yah, actually at that time it's needed a young man to become a liasion officer. Then, I applied it. But, then I got a call whom offered me to become additional Organizing Committee at World Stamps Championship 2012. Because, at that time, the committee needs an IT person. Fortunatelly, I'm a computer science student, hence, I was invited to be an Organizing Committee. My jobs is as person in charge of IT support. But, actually everythings I did in this committee. Never mind, because I loved it hahaha. 

I worked in secretariat at Organizing Committee Room, There are Mr. Srijoto (the head of committee), one things I never forgot about him was his writings, reallly at the first time I cant read at all. His writing more dangerous than a doctor hehe, actually I always follow him to do everythings whom he needed such as created a report, financial report, invitation and everythings. Then Mr Riyanto (the subordinate of pak Srijoto), aaaah this was a funny guy, I often talked to him because Pak Ri was an easy going person and his behavior like a comedian, hence, I never nervous if I closed to him. Then, there was Mr. Herman (the subordinate of Pak Srijoto), he was a panic person, and very diligent to come to the office. The last one was Lintang, she was additional person like me but she worked longer than me. She was a benefit oriented girl, everythings must be paid in money/something such as I left my flashdisk in OC room. Then, she asked me " Wani Piro?" .

And this was the picture of mine and my friends through the Competition and Exhibiton on June 18th - 24th 2012 in Jakarta Convention Center.

By the way, today June 30th is the last day of me to be part of Organizing Committe World Stamp Championship 2012. Really, I'll miss  it.

*btw salam hangat buat para tante-tante gw :D


  1. Subhanallah.. sukses banget udah luh....
    I would like to be informed when there is an opportunity like this....

  2. ternyata ada perlombaannya juga ya....xD

  3. Informasi berharga, apakah setiap tahun akan selalu begini... awmoga saja.

  4. wah...lombanya baru tau neeh hehe

  5. wahh gan terlewatkan sangat yh... harus ada nih,setiap tahuunny.. thanks gan