08 December 2012

Dare To Be Different ( Berani Tampil Beda )

A reporter was walking around in a very fancy store complex. When he's walking around the stores, he saw an old woman who was begging at the store complex. Because of his curiousity and just for fun, he followed the beggar. He wished there were something unique to write and take photos of her. And he began to pay attention in every action she did. The beggar was about to go to any stores for begging. Some people who pity on her, gave her money. The rest drove her away. Until at last, she stopped at a boutiqe where the boutiqe was displaying some nice clothes and it made the old woman interested in seeing.

Then, the old woman went into boutiqe. The reporter thought that she will beg to boutique assistant, but it turned out to be wrong. The beggar just look around for a moment, then one of waiters of the store came over to the beggar. "well, I think she will be expelled by the waiter" said the reporter. Then "excuse me mom, can I help you?" the waiter ask politely. "hmmm, I just wanted to see it anyway" the old woman answered. The reporter was very suprised because the waiter didnt expelled the beggar. And it made reporter so interested in their activities, he want to know what will happen next.

The beggar saw on one of the nice clothes, and she stared it long enough. and the old woman asked "Could I try this cloth? . While smiling the waiter answered " ya, the changing room over there". And the waiter took a dress and gave it to the old woman. The face of happy seem on the beggar, but the face of suprised seem on the reporter moreover when the beggar tried some dress and the waiter allow it. I think it's normal for the reporter expression because she was a very ragged and bad smell beggar. And it is imposible for her to purchase the dress. The the beggar left the boutiqe with a happy face.

Then the reporter wrote an article about his experience and published on one of the well-known newspaper. Because of the reporter article, the boutiqe become  famous in a short time. Not only that, sales of the boutiqe rose to 90%. That is because the reader is so impressed with the service of the waiter when she served the beggar.

One of the things that make our dream come true is we have to do something differently than others. To do that we have to change our thought which probably same with others. We must dare to be different in a different way. And this is what I will tell you tonight in my speech.

From my story, what happen if the boutiqe waiter behave as same as others waiters at those complex? of course the boutique waiter will expelled the beggar and didnt permit the beggar to try some expensive dresses.

The boutique waiter remove perspective which people usually used, she uses a different way which contradict with others. She didnt afraid that the employer would scold her for doing so, the waiter did the task properly, she served people who came regardless of their status without wondered if buyers really want to buy or just want to look around. For her customer is a king, so he had to serve customer as good as possible.

As a result people are becoming interested in its service and make a lot of people come to the boutiqe and buy clothes there. We should imitate the waiter thought to be different, indeed there is a risk that we will get  to be different and it could be that we might be ridiculed by others because our acts look strange or even are scolded by others. But as long as our perspective and thingking in accordance with all applicable rule, move on, go ahead and do not give up.

Others figures who dare to be different:
Jokowi, he dare to be different by his leadership style -> modestly, serve and closed to the people.

Mark Zuckerberg, CEO Facebook, he dare to be differnt by intellect ways -> richest young man.

Steve Jobs, CEO Apple, with his company slogan "Think Different", successfully deliver his company in briliant inovation.

Lady gaga, with her appearance,  and I think personally her appearance is strange, successfully deliver her to be the famous singer with 5 grammy award in her hand

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