19 November 2014

The Complete Banker Curriculum [Sharing] CIMB Niaga

Hi guys, are you curious with TCB aka The Complete Banker? for example what will you do after you pass interview sessions and you're granted by CIMB Niaga as next TCBian or maybe if you have any considerations before you continue in TCB selection process. Seriously, you guys have to think, think and think before you decide to apply this haha. Here, I'll tell you about the phasses of the program. Just feel free if you have any question on my blog commentar field below, I'll respone quickly as I could to help your curiosity aka "KEPO" answered. So, here it is:

The Complete Banker (TCB) Program grooms young, talented and driven individuals to become future Universal Banking Leaders with a complete range of banking knowledge and skills. Inculcating the right mental attitude and leadership qualities in preparation for the future banking landscape of ASEAN. The TCB programme encompasses both theoretical aspect and hands on experience across various banking activities. A TCBian is first equipped with an in-depth knowledge of the whole breadth of banking activities, the knowledge acquired is then further reinforced with on the job training at various departments across the company.
On-the-job experience and projects develop leadership and management skills at an early stage of one’s career. It is also an opportunity to generate and implement new ideas and innovation in increasing the business values and volumes.

How about the timeline of the program? be patient guys, here it is:

That's all about TCB aka The Complete Banker CIMB Niaga at glance. Any questions?? feel free guys.

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