24 August 2010

Watch Out ! Ur Kitchen Is Being A Nest of Terorism Bombing

Hmm...Lately my mother so scare to cook in the kitchen by using a gas stove, it is a normal responses because there are many accident from a gas exploison. Hence, why gas conversion is still being held by the government? Actually, Our Government conduct this program is to overcome scarcity of kerosene(oil).We all know that oil is running out, watch the news on television, we'll see that many people is still being queue to get some kerosene(oil). And read a newspaper we'll be informed that along more than 5 meter there are many queue to get some kerosene(oil). Hence, how to solve this problem? one of them is a gas conversion from stove to gas stove. Just an information, that only three(3) country that still use a kerosene stove in the world such as Myanmar, Indonesia and one of the African Country. As I know my friend, according to the article who is written by Jusuf Kala, before a gas conversion is implemented there is another suggestion to use a coal stove. But Jusuf Kala asked to the team to conduct the comparative study to the Chinese.According to the comparative study, then is found that a coal stove is more dangerous than gas conversion( according to the article, the Indonesian team is laughed when have plan to use coal conversion hahahaha that's funny right?). Well according to the statement which is conveyed by Jusuf Kala there are three factor causing the exploison. Hmmm what are they?  
  The first factor because of the equipment of the gas stove which has been expired. The equipment which has exceeded the time of usage is supposed to be change. lets's take the example of the hose, according to the data, the usage time of the hose is about two(2) year or one(1) year, it depend on the intensity of usage . Hence, the user has to change regulary after two(2) year to avoid the accident of the gas exploison. Therefore, we often hear/watch the news about the accident of the gas exploison in the Jabodetabek area, as we know, jabodetabek is the first area which get the gas conversion.
  The second factor because the usage error, and i think it will be overcame by making a better sosialization to the people. As we know most of the people in Indonesia is uneducated people, hence, the knowldege about the gas stove is very small, and it intend to difficult to understand how to use the gas stove safely  although the sosialization has been conducted to them . And i think the manual book of the gas stove which has been give by the government is not too help people, Hence it need more guide, either from governemnet or general people that understand the gas stove to help other people, therefore the usage error will be solved (included me i'm ready to help people who is difficult in using gas stove hehehe)
  And the third factor is the most dangerous case because the victim of this factor more than the other, that is the crimminal case where the substance of 3 kg gas tube is move to the 12 kg, because there are no subsidy for 12 kg gas. Hence,  most of the accident occure when the activities is being done, The gas explosion often occure in the location of this crimminal case.
  Hmmm i've read some article about the gas stove issue, and there is solution to overcame this case, one of them is make a gas more smell, that is by making metaftan substance more smell. Hence where there are leakage of the gas it will be more easy to know, therefore the accident will be reduced. Hoooam i'm so sleepy, i hope the article will be usefull for all Thx.

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