25 July 2012

Indonesia - Philippines Youth Cultural Exchange Program

Jleeb Eventually -> went back to Indonesia on  July 17, 2012 After spent a precious experience in Manila, Quezon City, and Laguna. A great moment in Philippines (The Jose Rizal's Country). I left Jakarta on sunday night, July 8, by Cebu Pacific Airlines. There, in Ninoy Aquino Airport, Manila, Gia picked us up from the airport to dormitory in Ateneo de Manila University located in Quezon City. "Yeyeyeyyyyy" was Gia's tagline whom I always remember :D because she often yelled it in any occasion xixixixixi.

This was what we did in Manila, we arrived and left Manila through Ninoy Aquino International Airport, according to filipino, Ninoy was a name to be dedicated for a politician in Philippines

Ninoy Aquino International Airport, Manila with Rami Amer
Then, we learnt about Arnis, a traditional martial art from Philippines. Arnis was a weapon based fighting with rattan stick. This was a photo of us, in the middle was our arnis's teacher ( I forgot the name xixixix)
Arnis, a traditional martial art from philippines, me on the right side
adasdsadsad  Tinikling dance was a famous traditional dance in philippines by sliding bamboo poles on the ground then dances step over and in between the poles in a dances and I think it's very similiar with one dance in Indonesia by sliding bamboo poles . And this was the picture of me paired with echa.

Tinikling dance, a Philippines dance
Well, talking about public transportation, jeepneys were the most populer means of public transportation in Philippines, it such a "Jadul" car like Oplet or Bemo in Indonesia.
Jeepney, a public transportation in Philippines
In Philippines, we also did a social work for homeless people. So, we helped them to build their house by panting the walls, passing a brick, and mixing cement.
mixing cement with Rogate

In another days, we had an opportunity to visit Jose Rizal's House, Jose Rizal is a national hero from Philippines. Hence, if you came to Philippines, You would find a writing about Jose Rizal included a name of several building.
In front of Jose Rizal's House with Samuel
Jose Rizal home page with Sam, West, Gia, Arvin, James and Wari
 Then we went to Laguna where Pandin lake is located. There are 7 lake in Laguna included Pandin Lake
in Pandin Lake with Cyuta, Wari, Rogate and Wara
We went to Indonesian Embassy or Keduataan Besar Indonesia in Manila, and we met Pak Kristianto Legowo. Then, we discussed about relationship between Indonesia and Philippines
Discussing about Indonesia - Philippines relationship, me in right side closed to Pak Kris
taking photo in front of Indonesian Embassy with Pak Kris and staffs
 Then we went to Jose Rizal monument and took several photos there.
In front of Jose Rizal's statue
 After that we went to the museum about Philippines history, well this was the picture in front of the museum
In front of museum with tiurma and verliani
Shopping was a ritual that cant be missed. Mall of Asia is the biggest mall (I forgot in Asia or Asean). But it was really big.
After shopping in front of mall of asia
 In Philippines we also study at Ateneo de Manila University about tagalog, Philippines history etc.
Class room in ateneo de manila university
The last part of our journey in Philippines was Cultural Show, and we promoted each others about our country

We represented Bali, Lombok, Sunda, and Batak at Cultural Show

All delegation and committee from Indonesia and Philippines

That's all about our journey to promote Indonesian Culture in Philippines


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  3. Ini namanya saling kerukunan satu sama lain, saling mengenal negara satu sama lain.

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  5. ayooooo semngat juanggg...
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  6. Great experience for you! One worthwhile adventure to remember! I saw your link through bloggers. Hello, I'm Ric from the Philippines!

  7. @ric, thx u ric for visiting my blog nice to see filipino :D

  8. Wow! I would say, all of you who were part of this Cultural activities between our countries, were just so fortunate. You were chosen to represent each other's culture which is very important to strengthen our ties and friendship. I think you are a youth leader in your country, so just keep it up man.

    Great pictures!


  9. keep spirit buat maju!!! maju teruss INDONESIA!! kapan indonesia bisa produksi SMART PHONE kyk gini yah..??? http://howto-hsk.blogspot.com/2012/08/install-or-flash-jelly-bean-on-nexus-s.html

  10. you know, i want to go philippines...
    i want too...

  11. Hi!

    I am glad befriended me. :)

    Regarding some about this post, Ninoy Aquino was the husband of late President Corazon Aquino - our first female president. He was a senator and was slain in the airport's tarmac and the airport was named in his honor.

    Mall of Asia is 3rd largest shopping mall in Asia and the 4th (Ref. Forbes' World's 10 Largest Shopping Malls) largest shopping mall in the world.

    Did you enjoy your Tinikling dance? Did they let you try Cariñosa? :D

  12. @JoanRB, Thx u so much dear for explaining The Ninoy Aqino :D, and correction for MOA :D, Ya I really enjoyed tinikling dance. Carinosa? no I havent. What is carinosa?

    Really fun to be there in Philippines dear :-)

  13. waaahhh...hebat banget gann...cara sukses gitu gimana gan??

  14. Wow Keren Habis, Hal seperti ini yang perlu di tularkan ke yang lain. maju terus dan ciptakan hal baru yang lebih inovative. salam sukses