07 August 2012

My Journey In Goodwill International Leadership Scholarship Program

The Mizue and Yasuo " Pepe" Hara Orientation Day - kegiatanya bertepatan dengan bulan puasa tahun lalu nih
Aha...... It's been a year a togetherness with Goodwill
International Leadership Development Scholarship Program. A lot of experience whom I got. By joining Yayasan Goodwill International, I become a new one. With a huge change of my personal life, actually in positive ways and absolutely in a leadership styles. Really, can you guys imagine me before I get involved in this activities? You can call me " a shy one or a quit one", "non active one", "non talk active one" ,"introvert one" and many many many more more :D :D :D. But, after I joined this. I tried to speak up in any occasion and be a little bit active in some discussion. Actually discussion was the most hated, because I cant (actually realy hard) to speak up, to give an opinion, to rebut etc. But, by joining Goodwill step by step I try how to handle it, because Goodwill International taught me to learn everything especially about leadership. 

Well, I'll describe what was taught in Goodwill International Leadership Development Scholarship Program. There are: 
- Presentation Skills , CV Writings and Job Interview, Leadership, Mind Mapping, System Thinking, Time Management, Negotiation Skill, English Conversation, Personal Marketing Skills, Market Research, Marketing, Community Service, Public Speaking, Communication and Team Building, CSR, English Discussion, Organization Management, Motivation, Career Counseling, Plant Tour, interview practice, resume CV etc. 

Really Thank to AmCham Indonesia as my sponsor, Ibu Mien, Pak Sapta, Mr. Mike, Mbak Rosa and others for giving me an opportunity to join this great activites. And I'll miss u for all of my friends in Yayasan Goodwill International. See u guys.....

And these are  pictures of me in a year of program at the begining until the end of program......

Moderator of Speech of Apreciation with Mr. Mike and Pak X as judges

All the winner

Because we love batik .......

Team Building at Wisma Kinasih, Bogor

Company Visit at Coca Cola Company
The Winner of Impromptu speech, dan gw kalah sama Ketua OSIS UI (ketua BEM) Faldo Maldini

The Committee
Cultural Performance 

Ngomong-Ngomong, buat kamu yang mau daftar Goodwill Develompement Scholarship Program harus memenuhi syarat-syarat berikut ini:

1. Must have a high Grade Point Average (GPA), and submit the official copies of academic transcripts of the past 2 semester for the second year student and the past 3 semesters for the third and fourth year students.
2. Must demonstrate leadership qualities through activities at school, in the community, in other organizations or work part time
3. Must complete the attached application form in full, together with your profile, 3 essays, references and one informal photograph

Terus bakal ada Additional Questions yang harus kita jawab. Secara lebih singkat perintahnya adalah sebagai berikut:
Help uas to get to know you better. Be yourself. There is no right or wrong answers. Please type your answers on a separate sheet in English and attach to the application form. Write your name and school as well as the date in the corner of each page.
1. tell uas the field of study that interest you. Why? how did your interest develop?
2. How are you going to apply the knowledge from your courses in your work after university to benefit the country?
3. Choose three adjectives to describe yourself. Comment briefly in your choice
4. Why do you think you are the right person to receive the Goodwill Leadership Development Scholarship Award?
5. If you receive a Goodwill Scholarship award, are you willing to participate in Goodwill activities, including our training programs and meet the sponsor gathering? if you answer is "yes", how are you going to arrange your times as you may have classes and other activities?
6. If you would like the Goodwill Committee to know any special circumstances not reflected in your application, please describe.

Nah, terus juga bakal disuruh membuat sebuah essay dengan instruksi sebagai berikut:
1. Name a non-religious figure, person (other that your family), place, book or event that has affected you and caused you to change your outlook on life.
2. Describe an experience that has given you a sense of satisfaction or pride. Explain why you were satisfied or proud.
3. Describe a situation or activity in which you took a leadership role. What qualities do you possess that distinguish you as a leader.

Udah deh tinggal isi formulir buat dikirim :D o iya untuk formulir lengkap beasiswa Goodwill bisa di unduh di link berikut ini


  1. Ka, maaf numpang nanya, pendaftaran Beasiswa Goodwill kapan lagi ya? trims infonya :)

  2. @anonim pendaftaranya sekitar februari-mei dan pengumumanya cukup lama yaitu pada bulan agustus

  3. link buat ngunduh formulirnya dimana kakak?