25 May 2012

British Fantasy Adventure TV Programme: Merlin

Hoooah this is a speech will be delivered by me to present my fifth project in
UI Toastmaster Club. Hope you enjoy it guys :D

Good Afternoon Fellow Toastmaster Club. Today is my fifth speech of my project. And today I'll tell you about British Fantasy Adventure TV Programme namely MERLIN. After hearing my speech today, all of you guys here will be interested to watch these TV series, really it's an owesome series and I'd like to watch, watch, and watch.

Well, the title of these series namely Merlin. Who is Merlin then? According to the origin story of King Arthur, Merlin is a wizard who has power namely magic. Hence, he can move anything just by spelling it. Then Who is King Arthur? King Arthur is a famous and legendary british leader who are trusted by British people to bring forth a Great Kingdom. Merlin and Arthur are  counterpart who will bring forth a great kingdom. Therefore, If there is Arthur, and it there will be Merlin.

Continue to story of these series, it's a little bit different with the origin story such as Merlin in the origin story is an old man, but in these series  Merlin is a young wizard.  And there are several different things again from the origin story. But, it what makes these series interested. Let's imagine if audiences have to watch the old man instead of the young man haha, I think most of the audience will better to watch a young man in this series.

Talking about the series, the series are begun when mother of Merlin arranged him to got to Camelot to meet Gaius a courty physician of Camelot, Gaius is asked by Merlin's mother to teach Merlin how to use magic wisely. Well, Camelot itself is a kingdom led by King Uther, Prince Arthur's Father. After seeing Gaius, Merlin know that his destiny is to safe and protect Prince Arthur to bring forth a Great Kingdom, then he to get closed with Prince Arthur, he becomes an Arthur's servants. Merlin feel that Arthur is an arrogant and bully. But both of them then become good friends each other. In Camelot, just Gaius who knows that Merlin has a magic. Because in Camelot King Uther is banned the use of magic, therefore Merlin must keep his magic secret or will be executed by Uther if he finds it.

In Camelot, Merlin find out that there is a last great Dragon under a Kingdom of Camelot's building. 
Then Merlin realizes that he is a dragonlord, who masters and control the last great Dragon. Assisted by a great Dargon, Merlin strive hard to protect Prince Arthur from bad people around them who wants Arthur killed. 

There have been 4 sessions of these series, but Prince Arthur still dont know that during Merlin become his servant Merlin  has a magic to safe him from evil people.  Therefore, Prince Arthur considers Merlin as a weak person and need to be protected. And this is what make me "get annoyed" eeeeeeeh. Why Arthur dont know the truth haha.That Merlin safe Arthur all day his life.

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