16 September 2012

Phishing an Effective Fraud in Electronic Communication

Yap yap bloggers the title above will be presented for Toastmaster in Lippo Karawaci, well actually I live here because I've got a new job here after I graduated from University of Indonesia, Depok. Hoooah miss so muach UI Depok. Here is my speech, perhaps you guys enjoy it!

Good evening fellow Toastmaster Club, today is my eight speech of my project and I will deliver a speech titled "Phishing an Effective Fraud in Electronic Communication". After hearing my speech today all of you guys here will be carefull with Phishing. Really this kind of activity will harm your privacy. Why?

Let me give an explanation about what is the meaning of phishing. Phishing is attempting to acquire information such as usernames, passwords and credit card detail by masquerading as a truthworthy entity in an electronic communication. The term of phishing comes from the word " fishing"  which means fishing financial information and user's password. 

And then how the phisher deal with kind of activity? 
1. Link Manipulation
Well, this activity is the most method of phisher to phishing. The phisher make a link and it will be directed to a real website whereas this website is fake. The phisher will design the website as closesly as possible with real website. For example facebook, color, layout, and everything will be same except the url. So, you have to watch the url before you log in in facebook. it is facebook.com or not.

2. Phone Phishing
Not all phishing attacks require fake website. A message that claimed to be form the bank told users to dial  a phone number regarding problems with their bank accounts. Once the phone number(owned by phisher and provide by voice over IP service) was dialed, prompt told users to enter their account numbers and PIN. Or sometimes uses fake caller ID data to give the appearance that calls come from trusted organization. 

Well, actually there are lot of kind of Phishing, none of them will benefit you. So be carefull. Technology growth rapidly but threat caused by technology will be increased. Once again be carefull with your privacy on the internet.

--- to be continued you guys-----

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